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Founded in 1983 as an independent school, Eurolingua Córdoba is one of the longest-running language institutions in Spain.
We also provide online language services with clients ranging from other parts of Spain to England and from Italy to Hong Kong and even South America.
Our teaching is based on our personal touch, as we believe that individual attention to students makes a fundamental difference in both the quality and speed of their progress.


  • Because we’ve been teaching language classes for 37 years. We’ve earned our students’ trust to the point that we can often count on several generations of the same clients learning languages at Eurolingua.
  • Because we only employ fully-qualified, experienced, and native teachers.
  • Because we believe that staff with good working conditions approach their job with more enthusiasm and quality.
  • Because we are flexible and we adapt to the needs and timetables of each and every student.
  • Because we guarantee quality service:
    1. Our courses are coordinated by our experienced Directors of Studies;
    2. Our individual classes (both in person and online) are designed to organised according to your own hours to meet your needs and goals;
    3. Each student’s progress is followed step by step by a personal tutor monitoring both classwork (whether online or in person) and out-of-class assignments.
    4. Reduced class size;
    5. Our emphasis on communicative approach: fluency, pronunciation and self-confidence;
    6. We are equipped with the newest technologies (computers, overhead projectors, interactive whiteboard, wi-fi access, etc.).
  • Because each year we prepare hundreds students for official language certificates: Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL and Trinity (English), DELF and DALF (French), DELE (Spanish) and Goethe Institute (German).
  • Because we have a proven track record with Business clients such as: Junta de Andalucía, Universidad de Córdoba, Innovation Tech Group, Hacienda, Diputación de Córdoba, COVAP, CECO, CSIF, Bofrost, Consorcio de Turismo de Córdoba, Ayuntamiento de Córdoba, Rabanales 21, Swaroski, Limagrain, Eon Renovables, Ciatesa, Atcosa, as well as many more organisations.
  • We are an Accredited Exam Preparation Centre from the University of Cambridge and we are members of ACEIA (Asociación de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas de Andalucía) and FECEI (Federación Española Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas, the Spanish Federation of Official Language Centres).



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