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OUR VALUES: empathy, humour, creativity, collaboration, authenticity, discovery.

Our policy of reduced class sizes is key to the way we can offer personalised attention to all our students. We firmly believe that communication is paramount when it comes to language learning, which is why our teachers place extra care in the way both fluency and pronunciation are developed. 

At Eurolingua we offer courses designed for all ages (young learners, teenagers, and adults) and our range includes:

Exam preparation courses for Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, and Trinity;
  • General English courses and conversation classes --- 100% en ingles;
  • Business and in-company classes;
  • Individual classes and tailor-made courses for “special purposes” (i.e. to help prepare for a job interview).

We run  intensive English courses both throughout the year and in the summer months. The most popular tend to be those designed for Cambridge exam preparation.

We offer both morning and evening classes depending on demand. 

In addition we can help you organise and manage English courses abroad, as well as full-immersion English summer camps.

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