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Kids and teenagers

We offer high-quality residential programmes run by TECS, a prestigious educational group based in El Puerto de Santa María and specialised in language & learning development as well as cultural & leisure activities. TECS has been at the forefront of English teaching for 40 years and their bilingual school “El Centro Inglés” is home to a range of unbeatable facilities.

With no exceptions, whenever our own EUROLINGUA students take part in a TECS summer camp, they come back in awe of their experience.
Many of them are keen to go back year after year, which is reflected favourably in their level of English, particularly so when it comes to their speaking skills.

EUROLINGUA officially represent TECS in Córdoba and its province and have been working closely together since 2003 in order to offer kids and teenagers a unique opportunity to make learning English fun during the summer months.

For more information and for bookings, please call 957 475 035 or use this online form.



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