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Deleonne Clark is a student of Spanish who came to Córdoba from the USA. She says:

"My experience at Eurolingua was wonderful. I have studied Spanish for a long time and I was never comfortable speaking it until I came here. My instructor David was excellent and always made class enjoyable".

Marina López Vargas se apuntó a las clases de inglés de Eurolingua en 2013. Se examinó primero del B2 y luego del C1 y - en un plazo de tan solo 15 meses - consiguió sacarse ambos certificados.
Esto es lo que ha dicho Marina:

"Getting the C1 is one of the most stunning achievements of my life. Although it is quite tough when you start studying, once you're past the first month, you get used to it. My teacher Claude has given me great support throughout this course smile emoticon".



This photo shows our teacher Ana Leticia with Tom, Charlie, Jacob and Luke, four teenagers from England who spent a week in Córdoba learning Spanish at Eurolingua. In the evening, they went sightseeing, did sport, and joined Spanish cooking classes. Luke says that he studies Spanish at school in England and that he likes Spain very much, while Jacob adds: "I recommend studying Spanish because it's fun".

Azahara Priego Ruz, from Córdoba, tells us about her motivation in language learning:
Our student Azahara is currently completing a HND in Travel, Tourism and Event Management at the "Instituto Gran Capitán" in Córdoba. She reckons that languages are paramount when it comes to finding work, which is why she's studying both English and German at Eurolingua.



Our student Baran from Turkey just gave us his opinion of his experience at Eurolingua: "Eurolingua, a perfect opportunity to learn languages. It has a great atmosphere where you can both learn languages and feel as comfortable as if you were chatting with your own family. No matter which language you choose, you can learn really well with the teachers, who are both very kind and professional".

Our student Javier Garrido Eisman is doing English at Eurolingua because he wants to be successful in his job. Javier, who is 25, passed the C1 level and is now studying for the Cambridge C2 exam. He has been studying at Eurolingua since he was 8, and he is very proud of his English because it enabled him to study at the University in Poland for one year, under the Erasmus programme.


Nacarri Murphy, from the United States, has been studying Spanish at Eurolingua over the past two months. She says: "With only being in David's class for 2 months, I am on my way to becoming fluent in Spanish in the near future!".

Rafael de Juan Font first came to Eurolingua aged 9. He came back in September because he needed the B1 certificate to complete his degree. Sure enough, he went on to pass the Cambridge B1 exam followed by the  B2 in short succession.

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